Nexican Honor Society

Community-driven reward tokens for the TOP100 App Creators and Service Providers making the greatest positive impact on the Nexican community.

Creators and Providers receive (sponsored) daily payouts in $NEXA, based on the amount of $HONOR they're pledged, and their overall Report Card rating.

  1. Legends, TOP3

    Once per Festival (Opening Ceremony)

    1B to 100 Billion NEXA US$10.12K to US$1M

  2. Nobles, TOP10

    Once per Month (1st @ 00:00)

    100M to 1 Billion NEXA US$1.01K to US$10K

  3. Elites, TOP30

    Once per Week (Monday @ 00:00)

    10M to 40 Million NEXA US$101.33 to US$400.00

  4. Honorables, TOP100

    Receive Daily Base Payouts

    1 Million NEXA US$10.8883

* NOTE: Creators and Providers MUST qualify to a minimum Report Card Ranking (RCR) of TOP70 for first-time entry to the Nexican Honor Society.